Etsy shop blastoff

Live Webinar on July 16 – 1pm EST / 6pm BST

Snatch my Triple Switch Framework to get the exact steps I've used countless times to create a standout Etsy shop.​


A little About me

My name is Mara and I am an Etsy Shop Owner (just like you will soon be too!). I’m also a Designer, Branding Expert and Digital Marketing specialist for over 15 years.

I’ve worked across multiple sectors and helped create a variety of strong brands, websites and Etsy shops along the way.

I’ve put together a system that not only helps you set up and launch your Etsy shop, but does so in a way that you create solid foundation and shop brand that stands out.


what will be covered

Make your shop visible

The one thing that you’ll be able to do in less than 20 minutes that will improve your shop visibility and rank both on Etsy and Google.

Stand out from the crowd

The big mystery behind what you need to properly set up your Etsy shop from the get go so that you stand out from your competition and create trusts in your buyers.

Finally set up your shop!

The one thing that’s keeping you from setting up your shop and how others are using this very thing to sell their digital products online.

Etsy shop blastoff

Live Webinar on July 16 - 1pm EST / 6pm BST